Please Wash Your Hands Bulk Terry Towels | Funny Wholesale Hand Towels

SKU: 117501

  • Case Packs of 4
  • 100% Cotton Terry Cloth
  • Approximately 17" x 22"
  • Patented Hang Tight Towel® Loop
  • Pre-washed for Maximum Absorbency
  • Screen-Printed with AZO-free Ink
  • Perfect Size for Bath, Bar, Kitchen, or Workshop
  • Suggested MSRP: $14.99

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Twisted Terry Towels

Twisted Terry Towels

Say goodbye to inventory that simply won't sell and hello to the moolah your shop will be making when you start stocking Twisted Terry Towels! With our exclusive patented Hang Tight Towel® Loop, it's incredibly easy to hang one of these towels just about anywhere! What's more, is that our towels are made with 100% cotton terry cloth and screen-printed with eco-friendly inks. AND, let's face it, these towels are absolutely hysterical!

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